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The Smoke Rubble Index is an organisation committed and founded upon the extensive collection, investigation, and analysis of post-apocalyptic images. Following the prophetic phenomenon of 2012, we are largely concerned with the location and distribution of images online that depict evidence of post-apocalyptic scenes and events that have been rising across the globe.

Our intentions are to examine the current state of disaster by identifying specific, but widespread, components: smoke, and rubble. Through collating these images, the Smoke Rubble Index then extracts the image data of such scenes to electronically generate images of smoke and rubble that approximate the degree of calamity each month – from the start of 21 December 2012, to 21 December 2013.

To begin chronologically, click upon the opening atlas ‘A’, or either of the 21-31 December 2012 dates at the start of the timeline.

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